About Us

NVLX is the largest livestock exchange in Victoria for its throughput of cattle and one of the largest in Australia.

NVLX conducts Prime, Store, Cow, Bull and Special Cattle sales as well as sheep and horse sales.

NVLX recorded throughput in excess of 253,000 head of cattle in 2006-2007 and has a ten year throughput average in excess of 205,000.

NVLX is positioned in a region that has a reputation as a natural hub for cattle breeding, backgrounding, fattening and feedlots, and is ideally placed on major livestock transport networks to all areas of Victoria and New South Wales.

NVLX has capacity to sell large numbers of cattle in a single sale. It achieved record sale numbers in January 2007 of over 7000 cattle sold in one day.

NVLX has a very strong agency base with diversity of corporate and private companies.

The current facility was constructed in 1979 and was owned and operated by the Wodonga City Council up until December 2008.

NVLX (formerly known as the Wodonga Livestock Exchange - WLE) was purchased by Palisade Investments in December 2008.

Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited operate and manage NVLX on Palisades behalf.

Palisade and Regional Infrastructure have commenced development of a new livestock exchange facility on a greenfield site at Barnwartha North. The new site is well provisioned in terms of size, it is appropriately zoned and is strategically located in terms of access to a broader market and access to major markets via transport corridors of the Hume Freeway and Murray Valley Highway.

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